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Panchakarma is the Ayurveda term used for five purification procedures operated for cleansing and detoxification the body. These procedures have great importance in the Ayurveda system of medicine and are applied in almost all diseases.
Panchakarma treatment has three main stages:

Poorva Karma
This includes the preparatory measures such as the administration of oleation and fomentation (snehana and swedana) before the main specific treatment. Poorva Karma is done during the course of five, seven or ten days, sometimes a little longer if the healing of a long-term problem is being attempted.
Pradhana Karma
The main treatment containing the 5 cleansing procedures mentioned below,
Vamanam (Emesis)
It is a process of therapeutic vomiting (induced), which helps to eliminate the toxic or waste matters from the stomach and thoracic cavity. It works best to balance Kapha dosha.
Virechanam (Purgation)
This eliminates the toxic or waste matters from the intestine. It is an effective therapy for Pitta dosha disorder. This massage also improves lymph flow and stimulates the immune system. It simultaneously calms and strengthens the nervous system.
It is a treatment to eliminate the toxins from colon as well balancing the Vata dosha. It involves the induction of medicated oil, liquid herbal decoction into the rectum. Basti is highly effective in weakness, joint problems and dryness in the body as well as strengthening the nervous system.
In this treatment sesame or herbal oil is kept on the effected area for 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment is especially helpful in Vata and Pitta disorders.
Exact dose of medicated oil is poured into nostril and inhaled in. It can help facial paralysis, hemiplegia, Sinusitis etc. Indications for Nasya- stress emotional imbalances stiffness in the neck & shoulders dryness of the nose sinus congestion hoarseness migraine headache convulsions .
Paschata Karma
Measures taken after the main treatment, such as diet, medicine, & daily routine
* Any attempt to administer Panchakarma without proper consultation by a doctor is not advisable.

Marma chikilsa

The word Marma comes from sanskrit origin 'mru' or 'marr'


Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means "five actions" or "five treatments."

Seasonal Treatments

As per Ayurveda, we have to purify our body in each season and rithusandhi.

Eye & Ent Treatment

ENT treatment in ayurveda is known as Shalakya tantra.