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Marma chikilsa What is Marma Chikilsa?

The word Marma comes from sanskrit origin 'mru' or 'marr' ."Marayate Iti Marmani", the Sanskrit phrase means there is likelihood of death after infliction to these places hence are are called marma. The word Marma used with meanings as tender, secrete or vital places. There are total 107 Marma in the body. In Tamilian traditions they are 108. and in kalari tradition they are 365 Marma points.

There are certain anatomical locations in the body which are vital, and serve as small pockets of Prana, thus any injury to these parts can be painful and cripple the local functions or even lead to sudden death of the individual. They are junctions of different channels of Prana movements in the body.

Uzhichil is a type of treatment done with hand. The whole body is massaged with herbal oils and this treatment helps rheumatic complaints, joint pains, muscular pains, back aches, paralysis, hemiplegia, sexual weakness etc. Luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body and rhythmic massage is done for 60 - 90 minutes.
Chavitti Uzhichil
In Chavitti Uzhichil, special herb infused Ayurvedic oils are slowly warmed up and gently massaged into the skin with feet. Chavitti Uzhichil is an Ayurveda way of oil massage with Marma therapy with feet. Marma are vital points of the body which contain Prana energy. Gentle pressure on Marma while doing massage provides Prana energy to the body and mind which gives ultimate healing. This massage is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body.
This massage also improves lymph flow and stimulates the immune system. It simultaneously calms and strengthens the nervous system.
Ayurveda Bandage Treatments
Ayurveda Bandage treatment has been highly valued by all our guests and produces good results in case of fractures, joint problems and muscle tension. The duration of Bandage is decided by the Ayurveda experts after consulting the body constitution. As age increases the duration of bandage treatment will increase.
Bone Fracture Treatments
At Changampally we provide bone fracture treatments at its best, People from all walks appears for Bandage fracture treatments.The duration of Bandage is decided by the Ayurveda experts after the body constitution of the individual has been determined.
At Changampally we provide various treatments for dislocation of disks, joints and we have got a special wing and panel of doctors for dislocation treatments. This is usually a course treatment for 15 to 45 days by confortable stay in our nursing home.