Changampally Family

The origin of the famous Changampally family arises in the period in association with Mamanka festival in Thirunavaya. They were invited from Thulunad to perform in the famous Mamanka festival as marital artists by the kings of Perumal dynasty of Northern Kerala. Later they were forced to settle in Thirunavaya.         

Changampally Gurukkal Family in Kattipparuthi, Valancherry, Malappuram District. They are considered as one of the oldest and renowned Ayurveda practitioners specialized in Asthi marma chikilsa (treatment based on vital points of the body and that of bone). Their ancestors were Tulu Brahmins. Centuries back Cheraman Perumal, the king of ancient kerala hearing about their prowess in Kalarippayattu,the marital art of Kerala, brought them from Tulunadu for performing Kalarippayattu at the legendary Mamankam held at Thirunavaya.

Later when the Zamorin of Calicut became the patron of Mamankam, they settled at Thazhathara Changampally hill near Thirunavaya for imparting training in Kalarippayattu to Zamorin soldiers and for their treatments. From then onwards they are known as Changampally Gurukkal. Later they converted into Islam under the Islamic Saint Sainudheen Makhdoom. In the course of time the Changampalli family divided into two branches and the former remained in "Changampally Mankuzhi Madathil Tharavadu" in Thirunavaya and the latter shifted to Kattipparuthy.

Mammu Gurukkal (1953)

The great guru Mammu Gurukkal spent most of his time for the uplift of the Marma Treatment and often did wonders. People from various walks of life came to him for Consolation. He was an Expert in Kalarippayattu and Marma Treatments. He died in 1953 at the age of 106. His brother’s son and only disciple (late) shri C.H. Alikutty Gurukkal learned from his Guru Mammu Gurukkal the various aspects of marma treatment and came in to prominence as an eminent Marma and Ayurvedic Physician in Malabar region. He started Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala in 1946. As a result of the services and sincere efforts rendered by Alikutty Gurukkal the firm became well established and flourished. He died in 1990.

Then the mantle was handed over to Late Sri. Mammu Gurukkal, his elder son for a decade. The treatment and the medicines of Changampally became popular in and outside Kerala during this period.

Now the Changampally Ayurveda Vaidyasala & Nursing Home runs under the prestigious leadership of Dr. CH.Abdul Raheem Gurukkal Chief Physician and his brothers Abdu yoosuf Gurukkal & Mr. Abdu Jabbar Gurukkal.